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Obama Takes BRUTAL Dig At Trump For Being So Unpopular And It’s BEYOND Perfect


While it’s likely that former President Obama doesn’t want to see Donald Trump fail as president, he’s probably more than happy, however, that Trump’s attempts at dismantling Obamacare are failing. After all, the former president’s signature health law is actually remarkably popular, unlike Trump.

Pointing out the fact that Trump is far less popular than Obamacare was none other than Obama himself.

According to ShareBlue:

“An attendee at a private speech given by Obama in Manhattan paraphrased his remarks to CNN: “The Affordable Care Act has never been more popular — and it’s more popular than the current president.””


With CNN remarking:

“A bill to repeal-and-replace Obamacare was yanked from the House floor last month because House leaders couldn’t get enough GOP support for the legislation — an embarrassing moment that left a blemish on the first months of Trump’s presidency.”

It appears the Affordable Care Act is so popular, in fact, that Republicans can’t muster up nearly the amount of support needed for a repeal.

Obamacare has been increasing in popularity since it became law and as people are seeing its benefits.

Here are the number from Real Clear Politics:

via realclearpolitics.com
via realclearpolitics.com

Meanwhile, Trump is the least popular president since World War II:

Obama has absolutely every right to go after Trump for going after the Affordable Care Act. Trump has been lying about it being unpopular, lying about it driving up costs, and lying about it being in a death spiral. Repealing the ACA would be devastating to the American people.

Now, if Trump wants to improve the law and make it better, and make health care more accessible with better regulation of costs, then by all means, have at it. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case whatsoever. It seems Republicans just want to repeal the law because it was a legislative achievement for Obama. However, the American people aren’t about to let the GOP and Trump play politics with their lives.

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