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Ronald Reagan’s Son Tweets DISGUSTING Defense Of Bill O’Reilly; Twitter Takes Him Down

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Love or hate his policies (and yes, there was a whole lot to hate), Ronald Reagan was at least known for sunny optimism. He might have vilified unions, minorities and poor people, but damn, he was nice about it. His son Michael, though, who is best known as a nutty right-wing former radio host, learned none of his dad’s niceness. Instead, he defends sexual harassment by — you guessed it — blaming the victims.

After his presumed buddy Bill O’Reilly was ousted for losing too many sponsors after several women came forward alleging sexual harassment by the bombastic host, Reagan tweeted this:

Let’s forget for a moment that we are talking about Fox News, the network where being leggy and blonde is far more important for women than any sort of journalistic credibility. Fox News is literally porn for the geriatric set. The sprinkling of self-affirming bigotry is simply icing on the cupcake.

Naturally, Twitter didn’t let Reagan get away with the tweet — including by noting the conservative faux concern for the treatment of women in the Middle East:

Or, well, just the grossness of it all:

Or the just plain hypocrisy:

And back to the real problem with Bill O’Reilly (no, it wasn’t his “noticing” women):

Featured image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.