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  • Roger Ailes Breaks Silence On How Batsh*t ‘CRAZY’ Trump Was During Campaign And It Will SCARE You

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    While Donald Trump might have a lot in common with sexual predator Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News, it turns out Trump is too crazy for even the worst of conservatives.

    According to a Politico piece that recently examined how Trump’s relationship with conservative media has changed over time, it turns out that Ailes was pretty worried about The Donald’s mental and emotional stability while helping him in his presidential campaign. Apparently, Trump’s misogynistic confidante thought he could exercise some sort of control or discipline over Trump, but eventually gave up because he came to the realization that Trump was “crazy.”

    Politico reported that during Trump’s campaign, Ailes was witness to all sorts of erratic behavior from Trump, and some of it was downright weird and scary. Ailes noticed that Trump was in an uncontrollable downward spiral, and it was so bad that the unhinged candidate was even going after the most popular hosts on Fox, which was by far the most Trump-friendly network.

    Things got bad once Trump began attacking Fox host Megyn Kelly and called her a “bimbo” – forcing Ailes to snap at Trump and tell him:

    “Hey, Donald, settle the f*ck down.”

    Ailes had also told one of his associates that he thought Trump was “crazy” but wanted to keep a close eye on him because “he became legitimately afraid Trump would start his own network” if he didn’t win the election.

    We can only imagine what Ailes thinks of Trump and his behavior now that he’s almost 100 days into his role as POTUS and has shown more signs of unhinged insanity than we’ve ever seen before. Almost every American has now come to terms with the fact that Trump is crazy and most of us are hoping and praying that our country somehow survives his dangerous presidency.

    Featured image via Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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