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  • Trump’s BFF Bill O’Reilly Responds To Being Fired From Fox News, Sends SHOCKING Message (IMAGE)

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    It is really no wonder that Donald Trump and (now former) Fox News host Bill O’Reilly like each other so much. America has recently discovered that these two men have something more in common other than the fact that they love to kiss each other’s asses – they’re both blatant misogynists with a never-ending list of sexual assault allegations against them.

    We all know that Trump has had several accusers come forward with allegations and lawsuits, some involving the rape of a minor. It was just recently discovered that over the long history of O’Reilly’s career at Fox, the network spent enormous sums of money settling many of his own sexual assault lawsuits – a damaging bombshell that resulted in him being fired from the network recently.

    O’Reilly was actually on vacation in Italy when the conservative network fired him, and could not respond immediately. However, now that he’s gotten the chance to digest the bad news, he’s issued a truly disappointing, disgusting statement that shows just why men like himself and Donald Trump stick together and defend each other.

    In his statement, O’Reilly makes no apology and accepts no responsibility for his actions. Instead, he lied his ass off, bragged about himself, and deflected blame. He called the lawsuits and allegations “unfounded claims” and pat himself on the back for his “unprecedented success” and “dedicated viewers.”

    Here is the full statement, which should infuriate every American:

    We’re glad the Fox News, a network with a history of covering up sexual harassment and assault, actually did the right thing by getting rid of O’Reilly. Hopefully, this zero tolerance policy will carry over to the rapist in the White House. Unfortunately, we can’t count on men like O’Reilly and Trump to apologize or admit they were wrong – so it is up to Americans to hold them accountable.

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    Patti Colli

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