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  • Trump Just Screwed Over Ivanka; Declares He’s Gonna Put Her Out Of Business (VIDEO)


    Ever since the start of his campaign to be president, Donald Trump has said that he’s going to bring jobs back to America. This would first take him acknowledging that he manufactured goods overseas and that he’s a raging hypocrite, but let’s not hold our breath.

    Now, in yet another statement, Trump is talking about bringing manufacturing back to the United States.

    Trump tweeted out:

    “We’re going to use American steel, we’re going to use American labor, we are going to come first in all deals.”

    Sure, he’s talking about steel, but in the broader scope of things if that’s how he really feels then that will most definitely screw over his daughter Ivanka and her business endeavors considering she uses overseas labor for her products.

    According to CNBC:

    “Harvard Law professor Robert Lawrence had previously conducted an analysis of Ivanka Trump’s clothing items and accessories. Of 832 examined, he found at least 628 were imported, including 354 made in China.”

    Is Trump really thinking about what he’s saying when he says he wants to bring manufacturing back home? Sure, we could manufacture goods here, but that’s not necessarily going to bring back a lot of jobs considering technology allows companies to do most everything with automated machinery. We’re not going to have horse and buggy manufacturers either.

    We need to evolve our way of thinking while bringing manufacturing back home. We need to train people in new technology otherwise we’re going to have a lot of people with a bunch of obsolete skills.

    Do our trade practices need to be better? Maybe. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, with his “we’re going to use American labor” mantra, he just completely screwed over his daughter and her line of clothing. That is, of course, unless she’s willing to bring her manufacturing back home, too.

    Again, don’t hold your breath.

    Featured Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images