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Trump Has To Publicly Admit Obama Was Right, Embarrasses Himself


Just when you thought all hope may have been lost, Donald Trump now has to admit that former President Obama was right.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump, woefully naive on all things foreign policy and beyond, kept declaring how terrible the Iran deal was.

Back in January of 2016, The Hill reported:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says the nuclear deal with Iran is so bad, he is close to wondering whether it was done poorly on purpose.

“It’s almost like there has to be something else going on” — “I don’t think there is, I just don’t think they’re competent.””

Trump called the deal the “worst deal ever negotiated.”

Well, as of Tuesday evening, The Associated Press reported:

“BREAKING: Trump administration certifies Iran complying with nuclear deal, extends sanctions relief but says review underway.”

As it would seem, maybe the Iran deal wasn’t so bad after all considering the Trump administration is following up to make sure they’re complying.

Apparently, governing is a lot different than campaigning and when things are presented as real life in front of your face with real life consequences, it’s amazing how fast Trump’s tune changed on the intricate Iran deal.

According to Reuters:

“U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered an inter-agency review of whether the lifting of sanctions against Iran under a 2015 nuclear deal was in the United States’ national security interests, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday.

Tillerson said in a statement that Iran remained compliant with its commitments under the deal to rein in its nuclear program but there were concerns about its role as a state sponsor of terrorism.”


He said he had notified U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, the top Republican in Congress, of the decision on Tuesday and of Iran’s compliance under the deal, clinched under the Obama administration.

“President Donald J. Trump has directed a National Security Council-led interagency review of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that will evaluate whether suspension of sanctions related to Iran pursuant to the JCPOA is vital to the national security interests of the United States,” Tillerson said in the statement.

Funny how Trump finally realizes President Obama actually knew what he was doing after all. When faced with the reality of the situation and not just hypotheticals, insinuations and bombastic ideology with nothing to back it up, Trump is left following through with what Obama started.

A public apology is warranted but likely won’t happen. Don’t hold your breath.

Featured Photo by Kevin Dietsch – Pool/Getty Images