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  • Kellyanne Conway EXPLODES Because Americans Don’t Like Her, Insults Fly (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump’s administration is by far the least liked staff in modern history. The White House is currently full of some of the most abrasive characters we’ve ever seen, with Kellyanne Conway leading the pack right after Trump himself.

    And just like Trump, Conway wasn’t cut out to deal with the constant criticism that would come with such a high-profile job – but that’s what happens when you try to manipulate the American people on the world stage. In an interview with Politico, Conway lashed out at Americans and the media for criticizing her, even though she very much deserved it for her constant lies and “alternative facts.” Taking after her boss, Conway attacked her critics:

    “This is nothing I ever sought or expected. It’s not as if I said to my children, ‘Mommy is running for governor, or starring in a new film, so attention will intensify and the unhappy people with poison keyboards will get nastier.’”

    We all know that thanks to Conway and the rest of Trump’s administration, the current White House has become more of a reality TV show than anything else. Trump’s aides and advisers have embarrassed the country on a daily basis, sinking America’s reputation to new lows.

    Politico writers Annie Karni and Tara Palmeri wrote:

    “The ‘Apprentice’ star-turned-president has created a reality show in the White House, with Americans eating up storylines of who is rising, who is fading and who is screwing up. It’s the opposite of how ‘no drama Obama’ dictated the tone and tenor of the West Wing.”

    Sadly, even members of the GOP are willing to admit it now. Republican strategist Rick Wilson said:

    “His minions become ancillary stars of the Real Housewives of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Donald Trump’s ego is this singularity, which draws everything into it. The demand for constant attention and media coverage has led people to focus on the minions in the same way.”

    Conway has definitely helped. As soon as she began her role as campaign manager last year, she made a name for herself by spewing false information and defending Trump in some of the most controversial ways. Conway had become so hated that many networks flat out banned her from coming on their shows.

    But unfortunately, Conway is not going to quit even as the backlash against her gets worse. Conway revealed that she’s just like Trump when it comes to being in the spotlight. She said:

    “When people see me and they think of President Trump and it’s a positive connection, it makes me happy. It makes the president even more accessible with the public.”

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