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  • Trump Goes On PSYCHOTIC Rant As Democratic Party Threatens To Bring Him Down (TWEETS)


    Donald Trump has every reason to fear the Democratic Party, but one Democrat he’s gotten increasingly worried about is Georgia Dem Jon Ossoff.

    Apparently, Trump is so concerned that he actually recorded a robocall last night and posted two tweets today just so that he could turn people against Ossoff before the special election taking place in the state’s 6th district today. In his robocall, Trump used his usual fear mongering tactics to influence Americans when he said:

    “If you don’t vote tomorrow, Ossoff will raise your taxes, destroy your healthcare, and flood our country with illegal immigrants.”

    Just judging from these tweets from earlier this morning, Trump is terrified and desperate to make Ossoff look bad:

    Will Trump’s smear campaign have an impact? Probably not – in fact, many Americans found it highly amusing.

    Ossoff himself took Trump’s attacks in stride, and issued his own response in a statement to NBC:

    At a time when North Korea is threatening to go to war with us and we’ve just attacked Syria and Afghanistan, it’s mind boggling that Trump actually has the mental capacity to be this obsessed with one Democratic Senator. These messages show that Trump is terrified of what Ossoff might mean for his presidency, and he’s lying his ass off to influence Americans.

    Trump’s accusations against Ossoff are 100% false, and the ironic thing is that Trump is accusing Ossoff of doing exactly what he himself is guilty of. We all know that there is no bigger threat to health care than Trump’s disastrous health care plan (which failed miserably), and that Trump isn’t going to cut taxes for anyone besides corporations and his rich buddies.

    The reason Trump is so worried about Ossoff is because this Democrat is so influential in the resistance against him. The reinvigoration of the Democratic Party is becoming a major threat to Trump and his presidency, and he knows it.

    Featured image via Ethan Miller / Getty Images


    Patti Colli

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