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  • The Media LOVED Trump’s Easter Egg Hunt, But They Forgot To Notice Who Wasn’t Invited

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    Our ne’er-do-well Oval Office Occupier has one major advantage; he’s proven himself to be so bad at everything, that once he has a glimmer of success, whether that be reading off a teleprompter or blowing s*it up, certain members of the media and the pundit class swoon.

    Easter was no exception. Before Sunday, the media was filled with reports that the White House wasn’t prepared and that 1,000s of children would be disappointed. After the event, though, you’d have thought Trump walked on water, just because it wasn’t a complete disaster. What the media mostly ignored, though, was the fact that the Easter Egg Hunt was blindingly white, largely because the White House neglected to invite the local, predominently African-American, school students. Oh, and they also had as entertainment, an all white band playing Jackson 5 music and old slavery-era spirituals.

    As for the decision to leave D.C. children out of the 1,000s of invitations that went out to “schools, childrens’ hospitals and military and law enforcement families,” we can’t know for sure who to blame, but it seems to be a clear rebuke of President Obama, who embraced diversity by distributing thousands of tickets to schools near the White House.

    Compare these two images:

    Image courtesy of Win McNamee/Getty Images
    Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

    It’s not just Trump doing everything in the opposite way of how his prececessor did, though. Trump can’t help but proudly display his parade of white supremacists. Perhaps the children should be relieved that they weren’t subjected to Trump’s white supremacist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, frightening the children by reading them a story book.

    No child deserves to hear that.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.