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Mark Cuban Breaks Silence, Reveals The Trump Tax Scandal No One Knows About (TWEET)

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Donald Trump has been freaking out over the recent nationwide protests concerning his tax returns, and now it’s easy to see why thanks to billionaire Mark Cuban.

Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and “Shark Tank” investor, knows how to get under Trump’s skin better than anyone. He’d originally supported Trump when he entered the presidential race, but quickly changed his mind when he saw how erratic and ill-equipped Trump was for the job. Cuban quickly endorsed Hillary Clinton and dedicated the rest of the election cycle to making Trump’s life a living hell by challenging and exposing all his lies. If Trump thought Cuban would stop once he won the election, he’s going to be very, very disappointed.

Yesterday, Cuban reminded Trump that he still needs to be held accountable when he jumped at the opportunity to expose one of Trump’s biggest weaknesses – the shadiness of his secretive tax returns. In a tweet, Cuban reminded Americans that Trump has to file taxes by the April 18 deadline just like every other American. Since his most current taxes can’t possibly be under the audit that “prevents” Trump from releasing his previous documents, there’s no reason Trump can’t share those with the American people.

Trump has tried every lie possible to justify why he can’t release his tax returns, even though the IRS has stated multiple times that there is nothing preventing him from doing so. Trump has even promised to release these tax returns, but has yet to make good on that besides an old tax document that has been rumored to have been something Trump leaked himself.

Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns is unprecedented, and Americans have every reason to worry about it. Today is Tax Day, and Trump needs to be held to the same standard that everyone else is. At least we have people like Mark Cuban to remind Trump that he is not above the law.

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