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  • Trump’s Biggest Business Foe TAUNTS Him Over Taxes; Knows He’s Full Of Sh*t (TWEET)


    Ever since Donald Trump’s campaign towards the White House he’s been lying about not being able to release his tax returns. He keeps saying that he’s under audit by the IRS, but the IRS has said that is no reason not to show them.

    Trump has been using this audit line as an excuse and is continuing to do so even today as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer regurgitated the lie once again.

    Watch here:


    One person who definitely knows Trump is full of sh*t is none other than one of his biggest business foes, Mark Cuban.

    Cuban has gone after Trump time and time again for being a liar, and this time is no different.

    After hearing Spicer spew the audit line yet again, Cuban tweeted out:

    “[Donald Trump] has to file taxes by tomorrow like all of us. No way he is under audit for this year. Where are his new tax returns ?”

    This is a brilliant point. There is no way Trump is still under audit for this long. It’s clearly just an excuse. And if he, for any reason, were being audited for last year, then this year would still be available to show to the American people.

    When it comes down to it, Trump doesn’t want us to see his taxes.

    Remember, Trump is the guy who demanded transparency from former President Obama. He insisted Obama release his birth certificate and college transcripts. However, now, when it comes to something as simple as his tax returns, something presidents have been releasing every year for decades, he can’t do it himself.

    Why? What is in his taxes that could be so remarkably damning that he can’t release them? And if there isn’t — release them already. Trump owes this to the American people.

    Featured Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images