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Trump Bullies A CHILD At Easter Egg Roll Then Laughs (VIDEO)


One of the most beloved White House traditions, especially this time of year, is the Easter Egg Roll. Presidents alongside their families have been doing it for generations. Children are invited to the White House to participate and it is usually a joyous time to be had by all.

As a part of the day’s festivities, the president meets with the crowd and interacts with them. However, this year, Donald Trump while walking the rope line to speak with some of the children, decided to bully them.

One of the children, likely one that admires him, held out his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and asked Trump to sign it. Yet, leave it to Trump to turn what could have been a great moment into one that he’ll never live down.

Trump grabs the hat from the child, signs it, then instead of giving it back, throws it into the crowd. After that, he laughed.

Watch here:


That’s a new low even for Trump. He also seemed to do it again to one of the next kids.

What’s weird about the whole thing is he doesn’t even seem to notice that what he did was really horrible. He seems to think it’s charming, even while someone was yelling “no!” so no one else would grab the now signed hat.

Trump isn’t charming. He’s never charming. Everything he does is either choreographed or with the intent of drawing a reaction. This time it came at the cost of throwing a kid’s hat. And if the reaction he was going for was that of utter disgust — mission accomplished.

Featured image via video screen capture