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  • Trump Just Made The Oddest Request From The Queen For His Upcoming Visit; England OUTRAGED

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    If Donald Trump’s presidency has shown us one thing, it’s that he’s like a five-year-old in a big boy job. He gets to play with big trucks:

    With big “Mother of all bomb,”s and he’s especially excited about his upcoming state visit with the Queen of England because she gets to ride around in a gold-plated carriage — because what good is it being rich if you can’t dip everything you own in gold? Great Britain, though, isn’t so thrilled with the idea of Trump riding in the carriage. It will cost them a hell of a lot of money. As with his weekend jaunts to Mar-a-Lago, and the fact that his wife insists on having her own place in New York have proven, though, Trump doesn’t give a flying gold plated fig that plebes (a.k.a. taxpayers) have to foot the bill to support his tacky and opulent lifestyle. In fact, he prefers it that way.

    Much of the problem is that Trump is pretty much as despised across the pond as he is here. There will likely be massive protests for his visit in October. Normally, American presidents ride in motorcades, much like they do here. The car is bulletproof and fast. It could save his life (yes, I know what you’re thinking), but Trump insists on riding in the carriage, which is typically open and always pulled by horses, so the opposite of fast and secure.

    The source said: “The vehicle which carries the president of the United States is a spectacular vehicle. It is designed to withstand a massive attack like a low-level rocket grenade. If he’s in that vehicle he is incredibly well protected and on top of that it can travel at enormous speed. If he is in a golden coach being dragged up the Mall by a couple of horses, the risk factor is dramatically increased.

    “There may well be protections in that coach such as bulletproof glass, but they are limited. In particular it is very flimsy.

    “It would not be able to put up much resistance in the face of a rocket propelled grenade or high-powered ammunition. Armour-piercing rounds would make a very bad show of things.”

    Source: London Times

    Because it’s nearly impossible to make a carriage safe for the most hated man in the world, the British government, on British taxpayer pence, will have to cover the cost of added security. Americans aren’t off the hook, though. We’ll have to pay for sending extra Secret Service with the megalomaniac…just because he wants to ride in a gold-plated chariot.

    Featured image via Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images.