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  • What Trump Just Did To The Media PROVES That He Is Batsh*t CRAZY (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump is now infamous for walking back his promises and flip-flipping on his stances from one day to the next. This has caused an extreme distrust for the POTUS among the American people, and a massive amount of disappointment from his own supporters, who have now realized they’re not getting any of the things they were promised. The most consistent, reliable thing about Trump is his hatred and anger toward the media whenever they have tried to report on him honestly – but Trump has just made a shocking turnaround.

    On Thursday, Trump made a stunning statement about the media at an event honoring first responders of the I-85 highway collapse in Atlanta. Trump actually managed to say something positive about the media, despite the fact that he’s spent nearly every month of his presidential campaign and presidency bashing reporters and the press for being “biased” and “fake news.” In a move that shocked everyone in attendance, Trump actually threw the media a high compliment. Waving toward the press as he addressed the first responders, Trump said:

    “You know these folks back here. They’re very famous, most of ’em. It’s called: the media. They’re very honorable people.”

    Trump added, speaking again to the first responders, “But you’re more honorable.”

    Having this compliment come from the same man who has threatened to loosen libel laws so he can sue the media is definitely a shock that no one expected. Trump’s mounting scandals and failing presidency likely has him rethinking his strategy on how he has treated the media, and now he is probably trying his best to get back into the good graces of the press. Unfortunately for Trump, he has zero control over his temperament, so this new attitude of his probably won’t last long.

    You can watch this bizarre moment from Trump below:

    Featured image via  Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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