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  • Trump’s Son Celebrates His Dad Bombing ‘The Sh*t Out Of ISIS’; America Responds In The BEST Way

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    It is no secret that Donald Trump’s entitled, spoiled, tone-deaf children are absolutely clueless. Thanks to their father’s undeserved presidency, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. have now been thrust into the spotlight and are taking full advantage of it, just like their attention wh*re of a dad. These three have been dutifully supporting all of Trump’s (failed) endeavors, congratulating even his most disastrous decisions without shame.

    One of Trump’s sons, Donald Jr., is showing more likeness to Trump than we’re comfortable admitting. As of late, Donald Trump Jr. has been very active on Twitter, resulting in some extremely inappropriate, disgusting tweets. Most recently, Donald Jr. posted a gross message in celebration of his dad’s bombing of ISIS; a move that killed a few dozen people and barely made a dent on the terrorist organization. Donald Jr. wrote:

    “Bomb the hell out of ISIS: ✔️ Another promise kept #Moab ? #maga”

    An individual who has any respect for life in general would easily recognize that bombing “the hell out of” anyone is not something to be proud of or bragging about. In cases where war is appropriate, most people at least have the sense and moral decency not to celebrate – but not Donnie Jr.

    As you can expect, the younger Donald got dragged for this:

    It serves Donald Jr. right for reacting so positively to the loss of human life. Trump’s attack – just like his attack in Syria – was not successful in the first place, and resulted in unnecessary deaths.

    The younger Trump is proving to be more and more like his disgraceful father – he has no remorse or sensitivity when it comes to other people who might suffer due to his (or his father’s) actions. We can only hope that the intense backlash from his tweets will keep Donald Jr. far, far away from social media and the public eye.

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