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  • North Korea RESPONDS To Trump’s Tweets Against Them; This Is Getting SCARY


    As it would appear, Donald Trump is trying to start wars across the globe. Which is what people do when they are being investigated for colluding with foreign adversaries. Anything to take the eye off the ball.

    So far Trump’s alienating our allies, dropped bombs in Syria and Afghanistan, and has continually made insinuations that he’s going to go after North Korea — with or without help from China.

    Trump has tweeted:

    “North Korean problem” — yeah, that’s how he said it. He also tweeted:

    “The problem.” — How presidential. First of all, he’s not saying what the problem is, and secondly, he’s putting all of this on Twitter like a dumbass.

    But wait! There’s more:

    Here’s the thing about Trump, he likes to appear as if he knows what he’s talking about, but in reality, he likely just heard about North Korea’s weapons program and was probably just notified where the nation is on a map.

    These tweets are dangerous and stupid. In fact, further proof of this has now presented itself — North Korea responded.

    According to The Associated Press:

    “North Korea’s vice foreign minister says President Trump is “making trouble” with “aggressive” tweets.”

    F**king wonderful. So, not only are Trump’s tweets clearly throwing a rock at a hornet’s nest with nuclear capabilities, but the mother of all hornets, with a narcissistic personality himself, is clearly pissed. Wonderful.

    Should we care that they’re pissed? One would think not, but that’s what a stupid person would think. Considering North Korea has nuclear capabilities and is within range of, say, Hawaii, we should probably not play with nuclear fire.

    While some folks think that Trump should be given a learning curve to allow him to settle into the job, other folks, folks who voted for a woman with the most diplomatic experience the United States has ever seen, want Trump to shut the f*ck up and listen to the grownups in the room.

    Trump is dangerous. His tweets are dangerous. And to be honest, they are “making trouble.”

    North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is not to be trusted, and quite frankly neither is Trump, and this is a recipe for disaster. A catastrophic disaster. Let’s hope someone steps in and cools the waters, so to speak.

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