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  • Watch Anderson Cooper Become Speechless Over Trump’s Complete Ignorance (VIDEO)

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    After three months of watching Donald Trump learn on the job, you’d think Republicans plucked an insane, more than somewhat stupid and totally isolated billionaire straight from the New York skyline. Oh wait.

    Trump’s learn-as-you go strategy is so troublesome to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he was literally speechless on his show after hearing that Trump, after a 10 minute talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping, suddenly realized that the Nuclear Triad, particularly in regards to Korea, is “complicated.” No s*it, Sherlock. My 10-year-old niece could have told you that.

    But the man who’s in charge of the nuclear codes has no freaking idea. If that doesn’t frighten you, nothing will. It certainly seemed to frighten Anderson Coooper in this clip:

    Cooper’s panel wasn’t sure why the host was so surprised. As noted, he said the exact same thing about healthcare and a few other things he talked a lot about on the campaign trail.

    Trump didn’t realize that the Assad regime was responsible for horrific atrocities. He didn’t realize reforming the nation’s health care system would be “complicated.” He “didn’t realize” the nuances of how Congress works. He thought private-sector deal-making was effectively the same as reaching governmental agreements, and was surprised to discover otherwise.

    Source: MSNBC

    A lot of people speculate that Trump never wanted to be president, hence his unwillingness to learn. To me, the more logical explanation is that he’s intellectually lazy. He’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter, including is partial Ivy League education.

    In Gwenda Blair’s 2001 book, “The Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and a President,” she said Trump transferred into Wharton from Fordham University with help from family connections. The president’s older brother, Freddy Trump, knew an admissions counselor at Wharton, she said.

    That book and some reports in the 1980s claimed Trump didn’t graduate first in his class and didn’t graduate with honors.

    A 1968 commencement program shared Friday by the Daily Pennsylvanian backs that up. It shows that Trump graduated from the undergraduate school of finance and commerce, but he did not graduate at the top of his class or with honors.

    Source: Penn Live

    If the election of Trump proves anything, it’s that rich does not equal smart and despite (and because of) the fact that Hillary Clinton is an “insider,” she knows that Korea is complicated. Of course, as I mentioned, so do most fifth graders.

    Featured image via video screen capture.