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  • Kellyanne Accidentally Calls Trump Out In Interview; She’s Not Wrong (VIDEO)


    It can easily be said that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is at least, if anything, entertaining. She, much like her boss Donald Trump, is a living caricature of herself. There’s not much comedy writers or those who write about her need to do to make her look any worse than she already is.

    Did Conway’s ability to twist words that never existed help Trump win the presidency? Absolutely. Because as idiotic as she may often sound, there are even bigger idiots out there to eat up all her bullsh*t.

    With that being said, while sitting down at a Newseum event in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, Conway spoke about Twitter and Trump as well as reporters who cover the *president. She even went so far as to call those who cover Trump a “hot mess” not realizing that she called the president a “hot mess” in the process.

    Conway said:

    “I think that [side of things] is not covered at all when one thinks about [or] talks about the president tweeting… It’s like, those who are covering him, some of those Twitter feeds are a hot mess…If you read people’s Twitter feeds, I’m telling you this … it would never pass editorial muster. It just wouldn’t.”

    Yes, that’s right. She’s criticizing people’s tweets who criticize Trump.

    There’s more. She said:

    “The free and fair press, that comes with a responsibility, though…[It’s] to be fair, as well as free…If it says ‘tweets are my own’ and it’s 10:15 a.m. and you’re in the building where you work, tweets are not your own…People see you as the person who then goes on TV later and is covering this presidency objectively. People will go find the news if they can’t find it in the news, they just will.”

    If that doesn’t make any sense to you, it’s because it doesn’t make any sense.

    First of all, journalists often don’t work your standard 9-5 hours. She knows this, yet she’s expecting the people who are watching not to know this. This is part of the game she plays and has always played.

    Secondly, Twitter is for the use of individuals as well as companies, etc. If they say “tweets are my own” then tweets are their own, and yes, they may be tweeting in the middle of the day, and there’s nothing at all scandalous about that.

    Lastly, with Trump constantly misspelling tweets and using Twitter to attack people constantly, if we’re using Conway’s argument, he’s representing the entire country. So, by Conway’s judgement, the president is also a “hot mess.”

    And she’s absolutely correct. Well done, Conway.

    Watch the full interview here:

    (*pending an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election)

    Featured Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images