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  • This Picture From The SCOTUS Hearings Is Going Viral For One Astonishing Reason

    Politics, Reproductive Rights, Women

    While most of the nation’s eyes are on the James Comey hearing about Trump’s Russian associations, there’s perhaps a more important hearing happening over at the Senate, where Judge Neil Gorsuch is set to be or not be confirmed for the Supreme Court. One picture, though, is going viral for reasons that aren’t very good for the nominee.

    Besides being a bad replacement for the Supreme Court Justice that should have been, Gorsuch has come under fire for being anti-woman. He has been accused of saying that women “manipulate” companies for maternity leave. They supposedly go to work for one of the rare companies that offers paid maternity leave and then quit.

    Several female clerks have come to Gorsuch’s defense.

    Oddly, none were there. In fact, at one point during the hearings, Gorsuch did a shout out to his clerks and only men stood up. Only men.

    Now, we don’t know if that’s because he only has male clerks or because perhaps, for some reason, all the women have been instructed to stay seated, but either way, that doesn’t bode well for an administration that already has a big problem with women.

    If all the confirmations go through, Trump is on track to have the fewest women in his cabinet in decades. Even Ronald Reagan had a more diverse cabinet. Not just that, but the women in Trump’s cabinet are in some of the least powerful cabinet positions. We would have to go through 12 people to reach a woman in the line of succession, and she’s Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, who is the wife of the GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

    This matters because there’s a damned good chance that the Supreme Court will relitigate Roe v. Wade in the near future, alone with a host of other issues that directly affect women, like health care and equal pay. Gorsuch and Trump’s values lie somewhere south of the 1970s. It’s time for women to have a voice.

    If it’s not true that all of Gorsuch’s clerks are men, perhaps, in the name of inclusivity, some women should have come to the hearing and made themselves known.

    Featured image via CSPAN