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  • Conservative NAILS Trump With Comparison To Bill Clinton That Will Make His Blood BOIL (TWEET)


    When it comes to something Trump can’t get over, it’s the election and the fact that he defeated Hillary Clinton. Not only that, he defeated the Clinton dynasty, some may say. Well, at least in the Electoral College. He got pummeled in the popular vote, losing by three million votes.

    Trump seems to bring up the election every time he opens his mouth or tweets which can mean one of two things; he likes to brag; or he’s trying to convince himself and others that he actually won. Maybe both.

    When it comes to something Trump really hates, it’s being criticized. Now, combine Trump’s hatred for the Clintons with his hatred for being criticized and that’s a recipe sure to make his blood boil. A recipe conservative commentator Ana Navarro was all too willing to serve up.

    Navarro tweeted out:

    “When compared to colluding with Russians to win an election & compromise democracy, perjury re having sex w/an intern, seems almost quaint.”

    If you need a memory boost, former President Bill Clinton had allegations of perjury thrown at him in the 1990s for lying under oath in a civil suit about having sexual relations with an intern.

    Now, is perjury ever okay? Of course not. However, when comparing what Clinton did to possible connections to Russia that may have had a direct impact on the outcome of an election, harming democracy, and reshaping policy alongside global geopolitics — yes, Clinton’s perjury does seem “almost quaint.”

    The fact that this criticism is coming from a conservative means even more. People are fed up with Trump’s shenanigans. Good for you, Navarro, for speaking up.

    Featured Photo by Scott Olson, Alex Wong/Getty Images