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  • Trump’s Own HHS Secretary Just Admitted Obamacare Helps Millions; Republicans Will Be FUMING

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    During an interview on ABC’s This Week, Trump’s  HHS Secretary Tom Price publicly admitted that Obamacare helps Americans, despite the fact that  Republican’s find Obamacare a “failing” disaster.

    When asked what was wrong with  Senator Rand Paul’s proposal of doing a clean repeal, Price said:


    “Because that — what that does is place vulnerable people at risk, and that’s not something that the president’s willing to do, it’s not something that he said he would do. Certainly what he has said is that repeal and replace need to occur essentially at the same time, concurrently, and that’s what we’re going — that’s what we’re moving forward within this first phase.

    “Again, the second phase, the administrative changes; the third phase, the other pieces of legislation — they’re being worked on literally as we speak. And if you look at the plan in its entirety, I think that Senator Paul would have to admit that it includes the vast majority of the kinds of things that he and others have been talking about as being important: to have a health care financing and delivery system that works for patients.”

    You can watch the video, below: 


    Ultimately, Obamacare cannot cause harm and help people simultaneously–it has to be one or the other. For years, Republicans have stood firm on their claim  that Obamacare is a complete disaster and needs to be wiped out. Well, now they are back-tracking and saying they rather keep the Obamacare framework but slip in Republican ideas (which as many of you know, don’t exist). If Obamacare was as bad as Republicans say, then they would immediatley be repealing the act. Price’s response is proof that the GOP has been lying this entire time. Obamacare does indeed  help millions of Americans while making it affordable to all.




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