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  • Trump Voters’ Favorite Industry Is In Deep Trouble BECAUSE Of Trump

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    The National Rifle Association, which long ago lost its identity as a gun safety organization and has since turned into a gun sales lobbying group, spent the last eight years telling Republicans that President Obama was out to take their guns.

    During Obama’s eight years, gun sales rose a whopping 150 percent, mostly because the NRA and numerous right-wing rags and right-wing politicians told voters he was going to take them away. Even during Obama’s last year, Republicans like Ted Cruz insisted that Obama was still coming after people’s guns and that if he doesn’t accomplish it, Hillary Clinton certainly would.

    Of course, no one has taken any guns, but Donald Trump rose to power in part because of the NRA. His political stance was literally no limits on guns and he’s expected to roll back many of the already too modest restrictions we do have on gun ownership.

    Whoopie, guns for everyone!!!

    While gun owners are likely celebrating, now that the black guy is out of office, the NRA finds itself in a not very celebratory mood and it’s because of Trump. Trump is killing their industry. Okay, maybe not killing it, but he’s doing it some serious harm.

    With Obama and Clinton out of the picture and Republicans in control of Congress, the threat of more restrictive gun laws has disappeared, and people are less motivated to buy guns.

    Gun stocks have also dropped steeply. American Outdoor Brands (AOBC), the company formerly known as Smith & Wesson, is down 33% from Election Day. Sturm Ruger (RGR) is down 25% in that time.

    Source: CNN

    Background checks are also down, but they aren’t always a reliable indicator of gun sales.

    Now, we can’t exactly blame Trump personally. He’s done everything a Republican needs to do to get elected by the gun humpers, but we can blame the NRA for their troubles. They were the ones who decided to deviate from their original identity as a gun safety/marksmanship group to become political.

    By alienating everyone to the left of Benito Mussolini, the NRA has seriously damaged their brand with more than half the nation’s voters. Sure, it’s rare that there’s a perfect Republican trifecta in government, but unless something major happens over the next few months (like finding that every Republican in the line of succession to the White House is a Russian spy), the NRA is going to find itself in at least a two year slump.

    If they really wanted to boost sales, they would try to appeal to every possible customer, which, believe it or not, includes a lot of Democrats. Unfortunately, with spokespeople like Ted Nugent, who insanely rants against Democrats to the point of threatening assassination, the NRA has ensured that not only are Democrats not welcome in the gun organization, but there’s not even a middle ground.

    Featured image via Pool/Getty Images.