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  • Trump Responds To Maddow Tax Report, Makes The Most HYPOCRITICAL Statement (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump is known for contradicting himself and making hypocritical statements, but what he said last night on Watters’ World is going to make the majority of Americans furious.

    Last night, Jesse Watters shared a recent interview he did with Trump, and asked the undeserving POTUS how he felt about Rachel Maddow ‘leaking’ his 2005 tax returns on MSNBC, even bringing up the rumors that Trump had leaked them himself due to their normalcy.

    Trump didn’t waste any time going after the “leakers” and the media figures who are promoting suggestions that Trump was involved in the leak. Trump said:

    “They are bad people. There is something wrong with them….It’s illegal to do what they did.”

    Trump went on to say that he thought tax returns were sacred, and eventually turned the whole thing into a conspiracy about how Washington insiders are leaking his tax returns and other personal info to derail his presidency. Then came the hypocritical statement to end all hypocritical statements:

    “It’s terrible what’s going on in Washington. We have a certain establishment out there that’s leaking. They don’t respect the law and we have to change that.”

    What’s that about not respecting the law? Hearing Trump of all people whine about people not respecting the law is enough to make your brain melt. This is a man who has not paid any taxes in years, had a fraudulent “university”, has several sexual assault allegations against him, and has done more corrupt things than we can count – and HE’S complaining about people not following the law?! That is unreal.

    Trump’s words here are just as comical as they are infuriating. He’s either completely cut off from reality, or he’s trolling us all. You can watch him lie to America’s face (once again) in the video below:

    Featured image is a screenshot

    Patti Colli

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