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  • Eric Trump Gives Interview About Dad’s Wiretapping Claims And It’s A DISASTER (Video)

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    The Trump children have an established reputation, at this point, for being snidely out of touch with the American public; to a degree that has mounted into an unapologetic bigotry. Still, Eric Trump’s interview this morning was a new low in tone deaf, as he told fox news he was having “a lot of fun” enjoying the advantages of having a presidential father. Trump, along with his brother, is now running the Trump family businesses with completely insufficient distance from the White House; as the New Yorker writes:

    It’s difficult to keep track of the ways in which the norms and ethical standards that have long governed the personal financial interests of the President have been breached in only a short time…the Trump Organization has not gone out of its way to assuage concerns about overt profiteering…”

    The “blind trust” that should legally exist to prevent President’s from profiting from their position is headed up by Trump’s sons, in a clear violation of the trust’s objective. The company will also be expanding domestically in ways which are obviously enabled by Trump’s new power. Typically oblivious to the corrupt circumstances allowing his current success, Eric ignored pointed questions about these concerns; blustering on with tired complaints about his father’s tax returns, whining:

    “It’s really sad that we’re in an environment where tax returns are leaked by whoever it may be. I mean, just think about it. Just think how dangerous that is, how third world that is of a practice to happen when personal information is being put out by people for political agendas. As a civilian it’s actually scary to me.”

    Eric seems to be out of the loop here, as releasing tax returns is a pretty standard practice for presidents with nothing to hide. Equally standard is not insulting other cultures by endowing phrases like “third world” with obvious derision. Then again, given who Eric was raised by, expecting a firm command of ethics is probably a little too much to ask for.