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  • BREAKING: Trump’s Approval Hits STUNNING New Low; It’d Be Sad If It Weren’t So Damn Funny (IMAGE)


    If people weren’t upset with Donald Trump before, it definitely seems like they are now. It also appears that the amount of folks willing to “give Trump a chance” is also falling tremendously.

    Around the time of the presidential inauguration, approval of Trump was about split. His approval and disapproval rating hovered around 45%. Then, after he officially became Commander-in-Chief there’s been a steady drop in approval and a steady increase in disapproval.

    Over the past few days, however, there’s been a drastic drop in approval and a drastic rise in disapproval.

    Trump’s approval rating, according to GALLUP, is now at 37%.

    Screen capture via Gallup.com

    Between Muslims bans, a border wall now being paid for with American taxpayer dollars and a budget that cuts meals from the elderly and children, it’s looking as though the American people aren’t too happy with their president.

    Let’s also not forget the fact that Trump has been traveling to his Mar a Lago resort in south Florida nearly every week, his wife isn’t staying in the White House so there are extra funds being wasted there, and Trump seems to think Air Force One is his personal jet for weekend getaways.

    Oh, and Russia.

    Trump’s approval rate is almost as low as former President George W. Bush’s after two unpaid for wars with no end in sight and the collapse of our financial industry that lead to a horrific recession.

    All in all, the American people are overwhelmingly not pleased with the job Trump is doing as president. He’ll likely not be able to accept this polling as fact and say in a Twitter hissy fit that it’s “fake news” — but alas, it is not. It is true. Trump better realize what the American people want out of a leader sooner rather than later.

    Featured Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images