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Footage Emerges Of Fox News Host Advocating For ‘Pure Society’ Away From ‘Other Species’ (VIDEO)


It can be said that there is definitely a certain form of bias over on Fox News. Usually, that bias is just in the form of unabashed support for the Republican party and their policy platform.

Then there’s racism.

And as many say the folks over at Fox News are racist, not all are, and if racist language is heard it’s usually in a form of coded language that’s not obvious to the average viewer, albeit still horrible.

And then there’s Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade.

Footage just reemerged of Kilmeade talking about having a “pure society” without marrying other “species” — apparently, Kilmeade wants to marry a cat or something.

It’s definitely an older clip considering Gretchen Carlson is still on the show, but it just goes to show the sort of mindset Kilmeade has, what Fox News allows, and the fact that we now have a president that doesn’t seem to fully condemn his white supremacist base.

Watch the horrific moment here:

Wow. Just… wow.

Keep in mind Kilmeade still has this same job to this day, so clearly Fox News is fine with this sort of language.

Prior to the most recent presidential election, Donald Trump was given pretty much about as much air time as he wanted on Fox News. In addition, the anchors and personalities, for the most part, advocated for his presidency. The viewers at home ate it all up, and now we have a man who’s been sued by the Department of Justice for racism in the White House. So, seeing this clip of Kilmeade is unfortunately not at all surprising.

This isn’t okay. Shame on Fox News.

Featured image via video screen capture