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  • There’s A Reason We Only Saw Trump’s 2005 Tax Returns And This Might Be It

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    On Tuesday, Rachel Maddow, with too much fanfare, announced that she had Donald Trump’s tax returns in her hand.

    Americans were sitting on the edge of their seats, at least until Maddow tweeted this:

    Okay, over 10 years ago, but still, this could be interesting and Americans agreed. Viewers waited it out and in record numbers, they watched. But it left more questions than answers. We may now have one answer.

    There were no startling revelations in the return, other than the fact that Trump did pay taxes, after much speculation that he hasn’t in a very long time. He paid roughly 25 percent of his declared income in federal taxes, which is low for his tax bracket, but not particularly scandalous, unless you take into account the ways the wealthy can write things off that I, and presumably you, can’t.

    There has been a lot of speculation, and perhaps even a consensus, that despite White House protests, the slim partial return came from Trump himself. It did, after all, say “client copy” right on it.

    Okay, so why 2005? An intriguing theory came across Twitter on Wednesday that could explain why that year and only that year. It was the last year that Trump’s tax return had to look good — for the sake of his marriage. 2005 was the last year the immigration service had to comb through Trump’s tax returns, jointly filed with his wife Melania, before approving her citizenship.

    Which left him free to (allegedly) cheat the system and document his Russian connections from 2006 onwards. Let’s hope Rachel is on those as well.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images.