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Trump Just Got BUSTED For Leaking Classified Info On National Television, America In DANGER (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump has once again put our country in jeopardy by being a complete moron and not understanding how classified information – or his presidential responsibility to protect our country – works. Fortunately, a top Democrat has just exposed him for it.

Just a few hours ago, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, blasted Trump for leaking classified material in a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson. This interview has now been heavily circulated, ensuring that people all around the world can witness how irresponsible Trump is. You can watch it below:

Addressing what Trump said in the interview, Rep. Schiff responded with a statement on Twitter, accusing the POTUS of “leaks” and revealing potentially classified information.

Many people – including Trump’s rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton – had warned that Trump did not have the self control to be a trustworthy president with all of this important information – and he is proving them right every single day. Members of the intelligence community have also expressed these concerns before – but unfortunately, we now have a child in the White House that makes dangerous, terrifying decisions on behalf of the country every single day.

This is barely the first time Trump has done something careless like this. Recently, Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones in the Trump Tower, and proved that he didn’t understand how classified information works – because by publicly revealing certain information, Trump declassified it. His ignorance is not only baffling, but it is a major threat – and Rep. Schiff perfectly pointed this out in his statement about the Fox News interview.

While Trump may think that erratically tweeting and talking about classified information in interviews might be welcomed by the American people, he couldn’t be more wrong. What Trump is doing is threatening our national security, and putting us in extremely vulnerable, dangerous positions.

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