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  • NEW: Government Reveals Data Showing How Much People WANT Obamacare; BAD NEWS For Trump


    While Republicans and Donald Trump are desperately trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, new data has just been released revealing how many Americans actually want to keep the law.

    Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) have been pushing for the repeal of Obamacare as pretty much their battle cry throughout campaigns and into elections. However, what they seemed to fail to take into account was the fact that people all over the nation actually want Obamacare. They want a law that offers protections, is going to allow them actual access to coverage and isn’t just a tax break for the wealthiest among us.

    The Associated Press just released this information:

    “BREAKING: Government says more than 12 million people signed up for coverage under ‘Obamacare’ even as Congress debates repeal.”

    Yes, you read that correctly, 12.2 million more people signed up for Obamacare even while Congress is debating its demise.

    According to the Los Angeles Times:

    “A total of 12.2 million Americans enrolled in a plan through one of the healthcare law’s marketplaces during the 2017 open enrollment period, according to the report, which provides a final tally of this year’s signups.”

    So, as Trump and Ryan keep telling everyone that Obamacare is a failure, maybe they should look at the fact that people actually want it. And instead of repealing it all together and replacing it with a version that the Congressional Budget Office just said would knock 14 million people off insurance by even next year, they should fix the parts of the law that aren’t working.

    The truth of the matter is that Republicans don’t want former President Obama and the Democrats to have the Affordable Care Act as a legislative victory. Tens of millions of Americans have signed up for health care through Obamacare, and 12 million more just signed up as its repeal is on the table.

    Enough is enough. Keep the Affordable Care Act, fix the parts that don’t work, strengthen and expand coverage for everyone, and Republicans should actually work for the American people, not just their wealthy cronies.

    Featured Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images