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  • Fox News Just Admitted They Don’t Think Journalism Matters (VIDEO)

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    It can easily be said that Fox News isn’t known for being completely honest. In fact, they tell lies more than they tell the truth. They also offer opinions that cater to right-wing views and Republican policy positions. In other words, there is clear media bias.

    So, when Fox News comes out and says that the some of the top newspapers in the nation are showing media bias and selling “anti-Trump rhetoric” for speaking the truth, it only shows their own bias and hypocrisy.

    On a recent segment of Fox & Friends, they were showing some shirts being sold by some of the top papers that advocate for the respect of journalism and democracy.

    The shirts read:

    “Democracy Dies in Darkness” – The Washington Post

    “Journalism Matters” – The Los Angeles Times

    “Speaking Truth to Power Since 1847” –  The Chicago Tribune

    How did Fox react to this? By calling it “anti-Trump rhetoric.”

    Watch here:

    All this does is perpetuate the narrative that the press is lying to us. It’s not. Fox News is, and pretty much always has.

    It’s obvious that Donald Trump hates the press, especially when they write negative things about him, albeit honest. And now Fox News has decided that newspapers who advocate for respecting the freedom of the press and noting that journalism matters are simply spreading “anti-Trump rhetoric.”

    We already assumed Fox News was the media branch of the Republican party, but this pretty much confirms it.

    Featured image via Texas Airport Fox News Channel store