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  • Even Trump’s Friends Think Trumpcare Is A Joke; Want Trump To Propose THIS Instead

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    A weird thing is happening in Washington, D.C. People have gone so far to the right that some are appearing to have gone all the way around to the left. Donald Trump’s friend Christopher Ruddy, who’s also the CEO of the über right-wing Newsmax, is advising his friend to throw out Trumpcare and start all over again, but this time in a way that liberals might not hate.

    In an op-ed in Newsmax on Tuesday, Ruddy proposed a plan that really isn’t all that bad. In fact, much of it sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders.

    You don’t need to be Warren Buffett to figure out the biggest financial beneficiary of Obamacare has been insurance companies.

    Everyone was mandated to buy private health insurance. The legislation provided no caps on profits or cost controls. Insurance company stock prices soared as Obamacare became law.

    Other, big derivative winners of Obamacare were pharmaceutical companies and physicians.

    As for Trumpcare, which Ruddy calls “Ryan Plan II” because it’s nearly identical to Paul Ryan’s first plan which was defeated in 2012, Ruddy correctly says that it’s still a big giveaway to insurance companies and will make 14 million Americans lose coverage.

    What’s most shocking, though, is what Ruddy is proposing: expanding Medicaid so it becomes more or less a public option.

    Here is a game plan for Trump to regain the initiative:

    1. Ditch the Freedom Caucus and the handful of Senate Republicans who want a complete repeal of Obamacare. They don’t agree with universal coverage and will never be placated.

    2. Find a few parts of Ryan Care II that can win passage in the House and Senate with either GOP support or bipartisan support. Declare victory.

    3. Rekindle the bipartisanship in Congress that Obama destroyed. Empanel a bipartisan committee to report back by year’s end with a feasible plan to fix Obamacare.

    4.Reject the phony private health insurance market as the panacea. Look to an upgraded Medicaid system to become the country’s blanket insurer for the uninsured.

    5. Tie Medicaid funding to states with the requirement each pass legislation to allow for a truly nationwide healthcare market.

    6. Get Democrats to agree to modest tort reform to help lower medical costs.

    7. While bolstering Medicare and improving Medicaid, get Republicans and Democrats to back the long-term fix of health savings accounts. This allows individuals to fund their own healthcare and even profit from it.

    Except for the last ones, that plan isn’t too bad. Medicaid for all isn’t as good as Medicare for all, simply because doctors are more likely to take Medicare because it has higher payouts, although overall, people who have Medicaid are happy with it. If a Democrat had proposed Ruddy’s plan, it would be called socialism, but this is a man who is buying Trump’s claim of having been wiretapped by Obama at Trump’s word. In other words, Ruddy is no socialist, but in this case, he’s mostly right. Hopefully his friend will read his proposal.

    Featured image via Pool/Getty Images.