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  • Jason Chaffetz Is Trying To ‘Scare’ People With Rosie O’Donnell; Here’s Rosie’s PERFECT Response


    For some reason or another, Republicans, especially Republican politicians, really don’t like Rosie O’Donnell. And it begs the question — Why?

    Rosie speaks her mind, has never been shy about calling things out as they are, and doesn’t really care about what anyone thinks about it. For years now, Rosie and Donald Trump have had a heated back and forth over varying subjects, and as per usual, Trump usually has to throw some jab at Rosie about how she looks. Truth be told, Trump is the last person who should go after anyone for how they look.

    Now, it looks as if Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is also mad at Rosie and trying to start some form of conflict. He just sent out an email trying to use the fact that Rosie maxed out her donations to Chaffetz’ Democratic opponent for the 2018 House race — Kathryn Allen.

    However, all this email shows is that Chaffetz is terrified of losing and is trying to scare his supporters into donating to him.

    Rosie became aware of what Chaffetz is doing to try to raise money, so she responded — and it’s perfect:

    “so [Jason Chaffetz] is gonna SCARE all of UTAH – with 55 year old me – jason – people are onto you – fear the truth jason – own ur actions”

    Here’s Rosie’s tweet with a screen grab of Chaffetz’ email:

    And Rosie is absolutely correct. Chaffetz shouldn’t be trying to fearmonger the state of Utah into voting him, he should own his actions and correct them. He tried to poor-shame folks by saying people should choose health care over iPhones. That’s not only a false equivalency, it shows he has absolutely no grasp of the how much health care really costs.

    Rosie also tweeted:

    If Chaffetz wants people to continue to support him, he should actually understand what he’s talking about. One person who does understand health care and the costs involved is his opponent Kathryn Allen — a doctor:

    The choice is Kathryn Allen, and Rosie is helping make sure that becomes a reality.

    Instead of using Rosie to fearmonger and starting quarrels, perhaps these Republicans should just do their jobs, or better yet, sit down and shut up.

    Featured Photo by Chip Somodevilla, Rob Kim/Getty Images