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Stephen Colbert Gathers Team Of Experts To Prove Trump’s Wall Idea Is IMPOSSIBLE; This is BRILLIANT (VIDEO)

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Amid all the Donald Trump scandals swirling around right now, you might not have heard that the deadline to submit proposals for Trump’s Mexican border wall was Friday. Stephen Colbert acknowledged the deadline by assembling his own panel of experts to discuss the reality of Trump’s wall. While none of them actually said it’s a horrible idea, their calculations would make the wall impossible.

During the campaign, Trump made a lot of grandiose promises about the wall. It will be big and beautiful. It might even have his name on it, and of course, the Mexican government will pay for it.

Colbert sat down with a building team that includes an architect, an engineer, a concrete contractor and an interior designer. They examined the costs of the wall and the time it would take to build. Let’s just say the reality will be a cold shock to Trump voters.

At the GOP convention, Trump promised that the wall would be a “heck of a lot higher” than the ceiling in the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. That ceiling is about 80 feet high, so the panel, including Colbert, determined that perhaps 100 feet is a heck of a lot higher.

Then the panel started crunching the numbers. The concrete alone would cost about $400 billion. When you thrown in the labor involved and other costs of just the concrete, the number comes dangerously close to $1 trillion.

Because less than half the border on the U.S. side has parallel roads, the panel suggested building a 2,000 mile highway, which would cost about the same as the wall. The price tag is now up to $2 trillion, or about half our national budget.

To build the wall in less than four years, it would require an estimated 12,000 people. The panel’s engineer estimated that about 100 people per month will die building the wall for a total of about 4,800 deaths, which is more than 1/3 of the original workforce.

Once Colbert had the estimates, he called the Mexican consulate about paying for it. The reaction was almost worth $2 trillion.

Here’s the video: