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  • What Trump Just Revealed During INSANE Rant Has Intelligence Agencies On Alert (VIDEO)


    President Donald Trump is losing friends and he’s losing them quickly in the intelligence community, especially the FBI. In a dangerous and unprecedented move for a president, Trump just attacked the FBI in public, accusing the intelligence agency of incompetence. In an early morning rant that has become normal for the bombastic billionaire turned president of the United States, Trump became unhinged:

    It’s quite interesting and rather frightening that Trump would choose to go after the FBI in the wake of the intelligence agency’s recent rejection of a White House request for the agency to publicly reject media claims that Trump and members of his administration have ties to the Russians. Here’s what the Independent reported:

    “His outburst on Friday morning came after CNN reported the FBI had rejected a recent approach from the White House to publicly knock down media reports about communications between Mr Trump’s associates and Russians known to US intelligence during the 2016 presidential campaign.”

    “The reports of the contacts were first published by the New York Times and CNN on February 14. The direct communications between the White House and the FBI were unusual because of decade-old restrictions on such contacts.”

    The Trump team claims that they made the request only after the FBI told the White House it did not believe the reports to be accurate. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said:

     “We didn’t try to knock the story down. We asked them to tell the truth.”

    So, Trump doesn’t get his way and his response was to go on the attack. This pattern of aggression following rejection is typical of the president and it isn’t at all surprising. In a normal situation, we would all be able to dismiss this individual as emotionally challenged. Yet, his insanity affects us all and his discrediting of anyone or any institution that doesn’t do his bidding is indicative of a president who has fascist tendencies.

    Watch video here:

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