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  • Breaking Report Reveals Kellyanne Conway Has Ties To Russian Bribes; This Is SERIOUS

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    As the early days of the Donald Trump administration pass, it seems that one scandal after another is beginning to unravel. Some of the scandals are rather minor in scale, such as Kellyanne Conway peddling Ivanka Trump’s fashion line on TV. Conway, though, also appears to have ties to the administration’s biggest scandal so far, its relationship with Russia.

    On Tuesday, Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who’s been in top secret meetings since Trump took office, was forced to resign amid allegations that Russia has information on Flynn that could make him vulnerable to blackmail.

    The very next day, we found out that Flynn wasn’t the only one. During the campaign, it appears, numerous members of Trump’s team and several of his associates were in communication with Russia, who may have helped sway the election. Now, Conway, or at least here husband, are in the spotlight.

    Conway’s husband George is an attorney. Less than two years ago (while Trump was at least thinking of running for office), George Conway defended Hewlett-Packard against charges of bribing Russian officials.

    The document appears to show that in 2015 lawyer George Conway represented Hewlett-Packard Co and Hewlett-Packard Mexico in the US District Court in Northern California, San Jose division in a case brought by Petroleos Mexicanos and Pemex Exploracion y Produccion.

    It read: “Pemex pleads that HP Russia used a German agent to bribe Russian officials to secure a contract with the prosecutor general of Russia.”

    Source: News.com.au

    On its own, a story like this shouldn’t raise eyebrows. Conway is a lawyer who was doing his job. Everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense. However, this story is not on its own. With all the breaking revelations — one a day if not more right now, it’s beginning to feel like Trump (or perhaps Putin) handpicked Trump’s staff and cabinet for their sympathetic ties to Russia. Kellyanne Conway is one of the people tasked with fighting that perception, which she did quite enthusiastically with NBC’s Matt Lauer, when Conway insisted that Flynn wasn’t forced out for being potentially vulnerable to blackmail; he was, according to Conway, forced out because he “misled the Vice President.”:

    LAUER: So had he not resigned, the president would continue with him as national security adviser, even though he misled the vice president and the administration about the contents of that call?

    CONWAY: That fact is what became unsustainable, actually. I think misleading the vice president really was the key here. And I spoke with the president this morning, he asked me to speak on his behalf, and to reiterate that Mike Flynn had resigned. He decided that the situation had become unsustainable for him, and of course the president accepted that resignation.

    Source: Vox

    In other words, the White House is still denying that Russia has anything to do with Trump’s picks. This latest revelation will, at the very least, make it much more difficult for Conway to spin that with any authority whatsoever. At the very worst, Conway may also have illegal ties to Russia. Regardless, this too needs to be investigated.

    Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.