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  • Trump Just Attacked John McCain AGAIN, Has The Most CHILDISH Meltdown Yet (TWEETS)

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    Recently, Donald Trump epically messed up his first ever raid in Yemen – a failed mission in which a U.S. Navy SEAL was killed as well as thirty others, including women and children. To make matters worse, Trump didn’t even manage to meet the mission’s goal. Many have considered the mission an absolute disaster from start to finish, as Trump went ahead with the raid without the proper preparations in place.

    War hero and Senator John McCain was just the latest to weigh in on Trump’s raid, and all he did was criticize Trump for not capturing any Al Qaeda terrorists, which was the objective for the mission. In an interview with NBC News, McCain said:

    “My understanding of the parameters of the raid were, they wanted to capture individuals,” Republican Sen. John McCain, who received a classified briefing on the raid Tuesday, told NBC News. “The objective was to kill the bad guys but also capture some of them,” he continued, adding that another goal was to “gain information from various electronic devices.”

    Proving once again that he can’t even handle the smallest amount of criticism, Trump lashed out at McCain this morning in a disgraceful series of tweets. Calling a member of his own party a loser, Trump went off and threw one of his most childish fits yet:

    Clearly, Trump needs to go down for a nap. It is disgraceful that Trump would expect a war hero to stay silent on a military matter, especially when his expertise could be useful to the country. Trump has previously insulted McCain for becoming a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and this is another hit at the Republican senator. Basically, McCain has been a target for Trump after McCain pulled his endorsement due to Trump’s misogynistic comments in a 2005 leaked tape.

    Once again Trump has shown us how thin-skinned and petty he is, humiliating America and making the future of the country look bleak. His Twitter feed is a source of despair for the majority of the country, as he continuously proves that we have a toddler in office. He literally cannot take criticism or advice from even the most qualified individuals, and that alone is terrifying.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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