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  • TIME Magazine Just Sent A BRILLIANT F**k You To Trump With Its New Cover (IMAGE)

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    Donald Trump’s disastrous first week in office just got a WHOLE lot worse! The beginning few days of his presidency have been filled with several fails (such as Mexico publicly stating that it’s not paying for Trump’s border wall, forcing U.S. taxpayers to foot the cost). They’ve also been filled with some of the biggest, most passionate protests we’ve ever seen.

    A day after Trump’s pathetic, barely attended inauguration, the Women’s March on Washington took the spotlight by becoming the largest protest in history (estimated to be almost 3 million people). Not to mention, it was supported all over the world. That’s why you won’t find Trump on TIME Magazine’s February 8 cover – the magazine decided to give the spotlight to those who truly deserve it.

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    On the cover is the iconic pink “p*ssy hat”, which became a symbol for the Women’s March, alongside the headline “The Resistance Rises.”

    Seriously, nothing is going to make Trump more upset to know that all the women and minorities that protested against him are being acknowledged more than him! Time’s Karl Vick said:

    And judging from the comments, people LOVE the new cover!

    Keep checking Trump’s Twitter for his next meltdown – it’ll probably be about this!

    Featured image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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