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  • Trump’s Fragile Ego Finally Responds To Women’s March On Twitter, And He Gets DESTROYED


    On Saturday, January 21, 2017, women and their allies from all across the world, united to stand up against Donald Trump and for their rights.

    Millions of women worldwide gathered together, shutting down parts of major cities absolutely everywhere.

    One of the biggest misogynists on the planet got elected into the Oval Office. A man who brags about grabbing p***y. A man who insults the women who have come out and said he’s sexually harassed them. A man who, on a public debate stage, called his female opponent a “nasty woman.”

    Well, guess what? He angered women, and citizens came out to vote against him, en masse, and won by 3 million votes. However, due to an archaic Electoral College system that serves no purpose but to allow Republicans to win with the minority vote, Trump won.

    This pissed off women even more, and everyone who loves and respects them, unlike the new president.

    So, women organized what’s being called the largest inaugural protest march in history.

    However, Trump comes out and tweets from his own fragile ego, because he just can’t seem to see that people really don’t like him. At all.

    Trump tweeted out:

    “Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election! Why didn’t these people vote? Celebs hurt cause badly.”

    In Trump’s own words, “WRONG!”

    HOW DARE he say these women and their allies didn’t vote. They DID vote and WON. And in case he forgot, he’s a celebrity, too. Celebrities are citizens who vote as well, and their rights as citizens are just as affected by Trump being in office as anyone else. Their voice adds a much-needed lift to a movement so it can be heard and received at a larger level. Trump, of all people, should know this.

    Twitter did not take kindly to Trump disrespecting women once again and responded very appropriately:

    And that last tweet right there is exactly right. Why not reach out to these women who are CLEARLY upset with Trump being in office? If he can’t hear them with this protest, he can best be sure there will be more and more and more. The entire world doesn’t want Trump in office.

    Trying to save face, Trump tweeted this out two hours later:

    “Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don’t always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.”

    Which, to be completely honest, doesn’t sound like Trump composed that himself. And he still clearly doesn’t understand why the march was held in the first place.

    These next few years are certainly going to be interesting.

    Featured ¬†Photo by John Moore/Getty Images — Twitter