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  • Trump Had A CRAZY Twitter Meltdown This Morning Over Latest Disturbing Allegations (TWEETS)

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    President-elect Donald Trump has been on an insane Twitter binge over the last few days, and his meltdown is only getting worse. This morning, the thin-skinned man-baby took to social media to throw an insane temper tantrum over the latest allegations that Russia is trying to blackmail Trump over a disturbing sex tape involving prostitutes and urination.


    Not only did Trump’s team rush to clean up this mess, but Trump himself has been trying to do damage control – and failing miserably. As Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and advisors such as Kellyanne Conway and Reince Preibus are all involved in nonstop interviews to help save the last of Trump’s image, Trump allowed his orange little fingers to do some of the talking on Twitter, and it worked against him as usual.

    In all caps, Trump posted several bizarre messages on Twitter, desperately trying to convince Americans that he has “NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA” despite the fact that he continues to praise Vladimir Putin and defend Russia from the election hacking reports.


    And it gets worse. Trump actually claimed that he won the election “easily” (despite losing the popular vote by MILLIONS) and cried about “fake news” even though it was fake news that actually helped him win the election! It’s insane that Trump is still trying to promote the idea that his win was actually a “victory” even as the intelligence community is clearly stating that it was all Russia’s meddling.


    Then in a truly puzzling post, Trump asked, “Are we living in Nazi Germany?” as he blasted the intelligence community once again. We don’t need to even point out the irony in that statement.


    Trump is clearly falling apart under the stress of his corruption, scandals and greed. This insane meltdown is proof of it.

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    Patti Colli

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