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Mexican President Watched Trump’s First Press Conference As President-elect; His Response Is PERFECT (TWEETS)


President-elect Trump’s so-called “press conference” led many people to believe that Trump does not have what it takes to lead this nation.

Former Mexican President and Trump’s biggest critic, Vincente Fox took to Twitter to discuss the billionaire’s disastrous conference. Fox tweeted that Trump  is “not a democratic leader” and that the President-elect sounded like a dictator.

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The former Mexican President continued on to say that Trump simply does not care for Americans, nor does he have their best interests at heart:

He then mentions that Trump is nothing but a tyrant, who abuses his power.

To conclude his tweet storm, Fox says that Mexico will “never pay for that stupid wall” because it is purely designed to feed Trump’s ego.

To simply put it, Trump’s press conference on Wednesday morning definitely put America on edge–now, Americans are left wondering how the hell we went from President Obama to a Russian orange puppet.

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