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  • CNN Reporter REFUSES To Let Trump Dodge A Question During Press Conference; Trump Goes INSANE (VIDEO)


    Donald Trump’s so-called “press conference” seemed more like an adult-sized toddler ranting on about absolutely nothing. He delivered no real plans, agendas, or factual information–just a classic rerun of his very limited vocabulary.

    During the conference, the president-elect referred to allegations of his connections with Russia as “fake news” and called out multiple news sites for releasing “false” information. As he continued on with his rant, CNN’s Jim Acosta stood up and directly challenged the president-elect’s claim that they are fake news. Trump, who frantically waved his hands like a mad man, refused to take a question from CNN.

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    Watch the clip, below:

    Jim Acosta, who is a senior White House correspondent for CNN, would not take ‘no’ for an answer. He insisted that Trump let him ask a simple question, since the self-proclaimed billionaire wants to criticize his network. Trump replied with:

    “No. I am not going to give you a question. You’re fake news.”

    Acosta then stood up and yelled:

    “Mr. President-elect, that’s not appropriate.”

    Jim Acosta was continuingly dodged by Trump, but he would not give up without a fight–especially after Trump’s attack, which would be an appropriate move for Acosta in a transparent situation. Nevertheless, Trump was not having it, and looked as though he was about to reach his boiling point in front of millions. Somehow, the Russian puppet managed to restrain his rage–but who knows how long that will last…