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  • Anderson Cooper Forces Kellyanne Conway To Stumble Over Her Own Lies; It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)


    In a turn of events, Donald Trump and his team are on the defense after reports that Trump surrogates may have had contact with Russian officials throughout the campaign.

    The report from CNN said:

    “Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.”


    “The two-page synopsis also included allegations that there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government, according to two national security officials.”

    Of course, at nearly the same time, Buzzfeed came out with their own story where they ran the unsubstantiated 35-page report that was quickly dubbed “fake news” by pretty much everyone, including Trump.

    However, what needs to be remembered is, what CNN reported and what Buzzfeed reported are two separate things, and should not be considered one in the same. CNN did their due diligence, Buzzfeed did not.

    Now, Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s number one media mouthpiece, is left to defend the president-elect and try to make it look like Trump hasn’t done anything wrong. Here’s the thing — we don’t know that yet. Yet, Trump and Conway are desperately trying to control the conversation and pivot away from any and all allegations and thus dubbing all of the reports as “fake news.”

    Enter Anderson Cooper.

    Cooper, who works for CNN, wasn’t about to let Conway get away with badmouthing his employer. With everything that Conway said, Cooper was able to respond and make her stumble over her own words, absolutely unable to get her story straight. It was quite the sight to behold.

    But don’t take it from me, watch it for yourself here:


    Featured image via video screen capture