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  • Stephen Colbert Dishes The Dirt On Trump; Admits He’s An A**hole To Interview (VIDEO)


    In an interview that is sure to ruffle Donald Trump’s feathers, Stephen Colbert tells Andy Cohen of ‘What What Happens Live’ his feelings about the president-elect.

    We already knew that Colbert was not the biggest fan of the PEOTUS. He made that very clear over the course of the campaign season with joke after joke absolutely annihilating Trump. However, he does acknowledge that Trump will be president and would love to interview him again. Although, he did say:

    “I’d want to know that I could do it with some modicum of respect because he is the President of the United States.”

    However, Colbert did reveal what it was like to interview Trump. According to Slate:

    “In a game called “Heads of State,” Colbert revealed that of his many interviewees, Joe Biden was the nicest to his staff and even called Colbert’s in-laws to compliment his wife. As for who’s the best at dodging hard-hitting questions? Donald Trump, who Colbert sat down with in September 2015 (though there weren’t as many hard-hitting questions as some would have liked). “He didn’t even make eye contact. He sat there like a bad school boy being lectured.””

    Colbert also admitted that he believes when Trump tweets it’s “not dignified” and isn’t a huge fan of who the president-elect has been choosing for his cabinet.

    All in all, Colbert still doesn’t seem like much of a Trump fan, and likely never will be. However, he still seems to want to do the best he can to respect the office of the president.

    Watch the interview portion of Colbert’s visit to ‘Watch What Happens Live’ here:

    Featured image via video screen capture