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  • Viral Facebook Post By San Francisco CEO Is Making Trump Voters FURIOUS

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    If you want to p*ss off a Donald Trump voter, all you need to do is tell the inconvenient truth: the reasons their lives are screwed up is because they have backwoods beliefs. When San Francisco advertising company CEO Melinda Byerley called the midwest a “s*ithole with stupid people,” well, as you can imagine, the s*it hit the fan.

    Byerley, as a way of explaining why jobs are leaving Rust Belt states and other midwestern states, said that taxes have nothing to do with it, that the lack of infrastructure and bigoted attitudes are what keep companies from creating jobs there.

    “One thing middle america could do is to realize that no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people. Especially violent, racist, and/or misogynistic ones.”

    So if you want jobs, clean up your act and make your town a place that people like us want to live in. Add fiber internet. Make it a point to elect a progressive city council and commit to not being bigots.

    This wasn’t a slam on the Midwest in general. She admitted that many people who live in the more populated areas would love to live a “more rural lifestyle,” but not around a bunch of bigots. In a slam against Trump voters and Republican voting patterns in general, Byerley said, “We especially don’t want to live in states where the majority of residents are still voting for things that are against their own interests just because they don’t want brown people to thrive.”

    She also noted that despite San Francisco’s high cost of living, people would rather “scrape by” there than deal with “bigots and backwards ideologies.”

    Yes, this was pretty brutal, and if she was running for political office, it could cause Byerley a lot of problems, but she’s not. Still, there’s a lot of truth. There’s a reason most of the country’s business centers are liberal. The best and the brightest come in all skin tones, genders, religions and sexual orientations. Educated people also tend to move where their kids might receive decent educations, where they might learn about evolution and about climate change – you know, real science. Companies don’t typically relocate because of tax breaks. They relocate because it’s the best place for them to do business, which often means a place that will attract the widest variety of and the most qualified candidates for jobs.

    This is clearly not to say that all people in midwestern states are backwoods bigots, but in many of those states, their politicians and their policies are.

    Still, Trump voters and other conservatives didn’t take it for what it’s worth:

    Byerley later apologized:

    It’s hard to disagree that her post was “inartfully worded.” Yes, she insulted many good people, but again, her post was about politicians and policies and the people who vote for them. Was she right?