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  • Trump Purposefully Breaks Heart Of 89-Year-Old National Icon; Shows No Remorse (VIDEO)


    In yet another unprecedented move by President-elect Donald Trump, he will not be using the inaugural announcer who has been used for every Inauguration Day ceremony since President Eisenhower in 1957.

    From Eisenhower through until President Obama, 89-year-old Charlie Brotman has been the voice of Inauguration Day. However, Trump has decided he would not like to use his legendary voice.

    Brotman has responded to being told ‘no’ by Trump and told The Washington Post:

    “I’m disappointed. I know I can do it. I know that I’ve done it many many times. They ask me every time and it’s such an honor.”

    And Brotman telling NBC DC:

    “I’m devastated.”

    He received an email that read:

    “First and foremost, on behalf of the PIC Staff we want to thank you for your service to this country as the Lead Announcer for the Inaugural Parade. There is no question that you are a Washington Institution and a National Treasure.”

    Apparently, a Washington DC freelance announcer named Steve Ray will be doing the announcing instead. Which is comforting, because many may have assumed Trump would have gone with someone from the WWE.

    It still doesn’t negate the fact that Trump is breaking the heart of an 89-year-old man who was excited to say, “Introducing the new President of the United States, Donald Trump.”

    Add this to the long list of unprecedented and abhorrent things that Trump has done since becoming president-elect where he seems to show absolutely no remorse.

    Watch Brotman here via NBC DC:

    Featured Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images