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  • Trump ENRAGED Over What Just Happened To Kellyanne Conway, Becomes Unhinged On Twitter


    President-elect Donald Trump has got some serious issues and he’s shown it time and time again. ┬áThis morning was no exception as he just went nuts on Twitter over what he says was Chuck Todd’s unfair treatment of her during an interview. Here’s what the nutcase just tweeted:

    Apparently, Trump didn’t like the way the interview was cut. Instead of focusing on the important issues America is facing and the daunting job ahead of him, Trump instead gets on Twitter and starts attacking people for what he thinks is their perceived bias against him. This black and white view of the world on the part of Trump is very frightening and it sets a nasty precedent for what’s to come. If Trump is going to tackle the many issues America faces with this approach, and if he’s going to treat world leaders as good or bad, then we are all in big trouble for the next four years.

    What’s also insane about this man is how quickly he changes his mind. While condemning the show and Chuck Todd for their perceived bias, he also urged people to watch the interview:

    The message that this man sends is insane and we just need to make sure that he does the least damage possible.

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.