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  • Sean Hannity Makes MAJOR Trump F*** Up On Twitter, Takes 2 Full Hours To Delete It (TWEETS)

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    Fox News host Sean Hannity is earning himself a pretty awful reputation for his continued defense of President-elect Donald Trump. It turns out, his desire to become as close to Trump as the President-elect is to Vladimir Putin has made some of Trump’s worst qualities rub off on him – one of them being Twitter slip-ups.

    During Trump’s presidential campaign, we not only saw Trump tweeting the most ridiculous, hateful nonsense we’ve ever seen, but he also “accidentally” endorsed and retweeted several racist messages from white supremacists and other hate groups. On Sunday, Hannity made headlines by doing something recklessly similar when he agreed with a tweet that jokingly stated that America should “make Russia great again.”

    Twitter ripped Hannity apart right away, but it took Hannity two full hours to realize how stupid his actions were and delete the tweet – fortunately not before CNN’s Brian Stelter could screenshot it and share it again. The tweet Hannity endorsed said:

    “YES! All Americans must join together to MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN. Teamwork!! #MRGA”


    I mean, Hannity should have known better than to trust a Twitter account called Donnie L’il Hands – but it’s clear that he’s just as tweet-happy and brainless as Trump because he didn’t even realize that the tweet was making fun of him!

    After getting rightfully torn apart on Twitter for the ill-advised tweet, Hannity tried to apologize after Mediaite’s own Alex Griswold publicized the tweet. Hannity claimed that he had misread the tweet, thinking it said “Make America Great Again.”


    Well, it seems that there is one tiny sliver of hope for Hannity yet, before he goes full Trump. The fact that Hannity actually apologized for a mistake puts him slightly above Trump, who won’t say he’s sorry whether it’s for sexually assaulting women, scamming people, promoting hate crimes, or any of the other awful things he’s done.

    Featured image via screenshot and Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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