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  • Paul Ryan Confronted By Group Of Women; Reacts Like A Frightened Toddler

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    This week, Paul Ryan revealed that the federal government would be defunding Planned Parenthood so on Friday, a group of Planned Parenthood supporters entered the Capitol building and stood outside the Speaker’s office holding 87,000 petitions in a peaceful protest of his threat.

    Ryan didn’t handle it well at all. He sent out six security guards to deal with the unarmed women and he put a sign on his door that said, “Only scheduled appointments will be admitted.”

    Almost immediately, a Twitter hashtag was born: #PaulRyanIsSoScared. Here are some of the tweets:

    And then there’s this one, confronting Ryan with an inconvenient fact:

    A couple of celebrities weighed in:

    And Wendy Davis has the plan:

    Look at this as a preview of things to come. Donald Trump, and now Paul Ryan, are making it quite clear that in our fading democracy, dissent is no longer welcome. Our government is about to be taken over by mentally deranged, thin-skinned, power-hungry man babies. Unfortunately, we will all suffer for it.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images.