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  • CNN’s Cuomo Corners KellyAnne Conway On Trump’s Pro-Russian Stance; Her Response Leaves Him STUNNED (VIDEO)


    CNN anchor Chris Cuomo grilled one of Trump’s top advisers, Kellyanne Conway, over why the president-elect refuses to acknowledge Russia’s reported role in hacking Democratic organizations ahead of the election.

    To recap the series of events, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Thursday cast senior Russian officials as responsible for the hacking of the Democratic National Committee. Leaked emails from Democratic officials were posted to the website WikiLeaks in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

    Being one of the most reliable interviewers who is known for breaking down Trump’s corrupt administration, Cuomo asked Conway:

    “Did Clapper come out in early October and say we know it was Russia?”

    As always, Conway immediately dodges the question with a question of her own:

     “And what did President Obama say in response?”

    Cuomo fires back:

    Did he say it? That’s the question.”

    As the two bickered, Conway finally says:

    “But what is it, finish the sentence, what is it that we know? That Russia is trying to interfere with the election results? Do you really think that Russia wanted Donald Trump elected president when he’s going to be tougher than Hillary Clinton?”

    At this point, Cuomo becomes extremely irritated and responds with:

    Cuomo, seemingly growing increasingly frustrated, repeated his question.

    “Third time: Did Clapper come out in early October and say we know Russia is behind the hacks, period, full stop?”

    No surprise, Conway falls into playing the victim. In response, the CNN host offered to stipulate that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was trying to delegitimize Trump by politicizing the hacks. Watch it all unfold, below: