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  • Trump LOSES IT In INSANE Twitter Meltdown, Wonders If DNC Was Even Hacked (TWEETS)

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    President-elect Donald Trump’s dismissal of multiple intelligence reports over the hacking of the US election has been nothing but disappointing. Not only has Trump defended Russia at all costs, but he continues to spew harmful misinformation with his weird conspiracy theories and hatred for facts.

    Last night, Trump was at it again on Twitter. Just a day after leaders from the intelligence community went to a Senate hearing over the Russian hacking and a report stated that Russian officials had celebrated Trump’s victory, Trump went on Twitter to share this thoughts – and you’re going to wish he hadn’t because his stupidity is truly terrifying.

    On Twitter, Trump made what are possibly his dumbest statements yet on the Russian hacking. This time, he defended Russia and Vladimir Putin by doubting whether or not the DNC was really hacked – something that is quite obvious to the rest of the country. But Trump, never one to shy away from a good conspiracy theory no matter how stupid it is, couldn’t help himself.

    Trump started off by whining about how NBC got the report given to President Barack Obama:


    Next, Trump questioned if the DNC had even been hacked, as he stated the FBI couldn’t examine the computers.


    This is just the latest in a long history of denial from the President-elect. It seems like he will seriously say anything to take the heat off of Russia, who clearly meddled in the election to help him win. So far, Trump has called the CIA’s conclusion that Russia hacked the election on his behalf “ridiculous” and suggested that we all “move on” to bigger and better things – because apparently a country influencing the future of another isn’t such a big deal to Trump.

    Trump has repeatedly taken every side except for the country he is supposed to be leading, and his reasoning continues to become more idiotic. America is in big, big trouble when this moron begins his term.

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    Patti Colli

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